August Burns Red Proves The Resilience of a Genre With Constellations Anniversary Tour

August Burns Red is closing a monolithic tour with Silent Planet and Silverstein in New York next week, a tour that has commemorated a decade since the release of Constellations. You can get tickets for the final few shows on the tour at

Silverstein has provided a presence alongside ABR that demonstrates a similar staying power, the veteran rock act boasting close to 20 years of hits. Silent Planet neatly completes the bill as a rising star of the metalcore industry, their deeply thoughtful lyrics also following in the footsteps of August Burns Red.

Constellations was August Burns Red’s third studio record, released with Solid State Records. The project featured iconic tracks like “Marianas Trench,” which would feature on Rock Band 2. Constellations helped cement August Burns Red’s reputation as one of the defining bands of an era of metalcore.

But ABR is not simply constrained to the metalcore scene of a decade ago. They continue to actively release stand-out records, including most recently Phantom Anthem in 2017. Lead singer Jake Luhrs helms the organization Heart Support, centered on supporting those in mental health and addiction crises. And when a Rock On Purpose contributor attended the 10 Years of Constellations tour stop in St. Louis, we found that they also still put on one of the best live shows in the business.

The ferocity of August Burns Red’s riffs are undeniable. But beyond the technical mastery, they’ve contributed to the longevity of a genre with their determined focus on the raw and real conversations that have marked all the best metalcore.

Make sure you see our full concert gallery from the tour. Keep up with August Burns Red on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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