Disciple Releases New Single ‘Panic Room’

Disciple has released a new single titled “Panic Room,” the second song from upcoming album Love Letter Kill Shot. The full album is due out September 13 from Tooth & Nail Records.

The track debuted earlier this week via rock radio station RadioU, where digital downloads have been given out to lucky listeners all week long. “Panic Room” became available to everyone at midnight last night. You can listen to the song below.

“Panic Room” shows the heavy end of Disciple’s sound at its best, the frenetic energy and explosive chorus brought to a head by a guest vocal from Project 86’s Andrew Schwab. Guitar riffs riding heavy distortion and psychotic, twisted tones surround heavy-hitting drum fills to round out a song that sounds delightfully, intentionally unhinged. The lyrics are built on clever turns-of-phrase about the cruelest parts of our brains, centered around the almost whispered admission in the prechorus: “sometimes I scare myself.”

Disciple drummer Joey West has touted the song as his favorite from the upcoming album. It follows up the release of “Cuff the Criminal,” which has already made waves with fans with the new sonic territory it covers. You can find “Panic Room” at your retailer of choice by visiting disciple.ffm.to/panic, or preorder the full album at disciple.ffm.to/llks.

To keep up with all things Disciple, find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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