Random Hero Talks Tension

In this in-depth interview, Random Hero takes us behind the album Tension, what the creative process looked like, how the got connected to Rockfest Records, and what their heart is for you– the listener.

“This record came about in such an incredible way, and we’re very excited for you guys to hear it,” frontman Aaron Watkins shared. “We chose the title Tension because we felt like it was a very universal emotion that people experience. Tension is one of those things that can drive you to do some crazy things, and it can also drive you to do some incredible things, especially when you face it.”

“It was the first time in our career that we wrote a record as a band in the room every day,” drummer Patrick Madsen adds. “This album is proof of the organic nature of getting out of your comfort zone and letting whatever is guiding your creativity just guide it.”

Watch the video for more! Tension is available now on Apple Music and Spotify.

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