Relent Bursts Onto Scene With Debut ‘Heart Attack’

Occasionally a band explodes onto the scene with a statement debut sure to capture the attention of the industry and fans alike. Relent has accomplished this with their 8-song project Heart Attack.

The best way to describe the experience of listening to Relent is that it is early TobyMac, Disciple, The Protest, and Thousand Foot Krutch thrown together in a blender. This band brings it with gritty and heavy rock guitars, elements of rap and hip-hop, and passionate, edgy vocals. The album is aptly titled because the energy explosion will leave listeners with hearts racing from the adrenaline rush.

Lyrically, the album is laser-focused on topics of faith as Relent tells the world what they believe. If there were any doubt about that, the band released their own version of dc Talk’s “Jesus Freak.”

Anthems like “Send a Miracle” and “Six Feet Under Me” pump this truth through the speakers: there is something to look forward to and live for that is eternal.

I’m so sick of giving in
Take me where I want to be
I know that I’ll be free when
I’m buried, buried, buried
Six feet under me

Tracks like “Changed” and “Without You” serve as a reminder that Relent does not strictly fit into a genre-defining box, as they mix hip-hop on verses with hard rock on the chorus, reminiscent of songs like “Momentum” by TobyMac or “Rawkfist” by Thousand Foot Krutch.

“Rise” takes all of these elements and cranks up the heat. This track may be a defining one for Relent as it declares their love for Christ by throwing down rap and unclean vocals in one rocking track. They close with thundering and aggressive “Addicted,” which is a song about being addicted to the love of God.

Fans of Disciple, Skillet, PAX217 and even (early) TobyMac will be able to appreciate various elements of what Relent brings to the table with their debut album. At only 8 tracks, it will leave a mouth watering desire for more from this rising group of rockers.

Find Heart Attack on Apple Music and Spotify.

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