Conquering Our Demons: Ignescent’s Jennifer Benson

As part of our indie artist features, Rock On Purpose introduced Ignescent. This year their momentum has been continuing to build, with lead vocalist Jennifer Benson being named “Vocalist Of The Year” by Chicago based Red Silk Carpet Awards and the video for “Into The Night” dropping earlier in the year. Now they’re launching a powerful new single and lyric video for “Demons 777,” with a music video you can watch below starting on December 13.

They’ve been rocking out since forming in 2008 and have had opportunities to work alongside and perform with mainstay industry names like Flyleaf, Art of Dying, and Stryper. We recently caught up with Jennifer Benson to get to know more about the band, their influences, and the new single.

How did Ignescent meet, form, and become a band?

I actually put an ad out on Craigslist, and [guitarist] Joey auditioned. Our drummer Chris is a long time friend of Joey’s. Our bassist Ian also was a friend of Joey, and I contacted [lead guitarist] Devin on bandmix. We all just clicked together, and it was definitely a God thing.

What is the meaning of the band name?

Ignescent means to “Ignite” or “Spark.” So the purpose of Ignescent is to ignite people’s hearts on fire for Jesus.

What are some bands and artists that influence your musical style?

Flyleaf and Skillet are huge influences for us, as well as Asking Alexandria.

You’ve got a new single out called “Demons 777.” Tell us about the song and what it means.

I’ve been mentally abused and hurt in so many ways in my past. This song is about letting go of all the hurt and what we struggle with and giving it to God. It’s about not letting those things in our past hold us back, because with God’s love we can move forward and conquer anything.

What is your favorite Ignescent song from your catalogue that should not be missed?

My favorite Ignescent song would either be “Into The Night,” “Calling Out To You” (which was co-written with Ben Kasica of Skillet), “Fearless” (which was co-written with Sameer Bhattacharya of Flyleaf), or “Demons 777.”

What is the key message or takeaway that you want to be conveyed in your music and lyrics?

We want to convey that God loves you so much! It doesn’t matter what you have done and where you have been. God loves you with an unconditional love, and you are PRECIOUS to Him.

What is coming up for Ignescent in 2020?

Ignescent just released a brand new music video for “Into The Night.” On April 25th, 2020, Ignescent will be playing at Lakeview Arena at Grace Festival in Marquette, MI with Disciple and many other bands.

Listen to more from Ignescent by streaming their music on Apple Music or Spotify or by following them on social media: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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