Furnace Fest Returns in 2020 With Artists like Beloved and August Burns Red

Furnace Fest, a punk and hardcore centered festival that has been on hiatus for 17 years, has announced that they will be returning in 2020. They’ll be bringing back another legend of the genre with them, with Beloved announced as the first headliner.

In addition to the reunion of Beloved (who has been on hiatus for 14 years), Furnace Fest 2020 has announced bands like August Burns Red, Evergreen Terrace, and BOYSETSFIRE. There are many more band announcements to come, with fan speculation running wild about who else might reunite. Haste the Day, who has also been inactive for several years, posted on social media “Furnace Fest 2020 is looking awesome…” Fans are eagerly awaiting news on if this means they’ll be participating.

Furnace Fest will be held in its traditional location of Birmingham, Alabama, from September 18-20. Tickets are set to go on sale January 1 via furnacefest2020.com.

The reemergence of the festival shows both the tenacity of the genres it supports and the growing clamor from music listeners to see a return of early-2000s favorites. Solid State Records bands in particular have been the focus of a lot of fan conversation. Furnace Fest’s re-emergence seems perfect for a time when events like Anberlin’s reunion tour proved that the passion of longtime listeners is far from worn out.

“The passion behind FF2020 is to commemorate what the original Furnace Fest did best: honoring our differing beliefs, perspectives, and even musical tastes or genres, by affirming our shared love of music and the artists who spend their lives creating it for us,” Furnace Fest shares about their vision for 2020.

For further artist announcements, keep up with Furnace Fest 2020 on Facebook.

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