Disciple Guitarist Andrew Stanton Releases Instrumental Project

Disciple studio guitarist Andrew Stanton released his debut instrumental rock album via Soundstripe Music on December 13, according to a post on Facebook.

Stanton, who stepped down from touring with Disciple in 2018 to be home with his family, said that the title of the album is in tribute to his grandfather. “In 1953, my grandpa Les did something pretty important,” says Stanton in an earlier post on social media. “As a radio operator during the Korean War, his main duty was to decipher and relay Morse code. One day in 1953 he got a very important message, ‘Cease Fire!’ After more than two years of training and deployment the fighting and the war for the US was over.”

He goes on to say that Cease Fire! is a tribute to his late grandfather because “even in the face of war he was not consumed by death and hate. So much can be achieved through music and I hope that these songs bring peace to you in some way.”

The album features 11 electrifying tunes with plenty of guitar riffs and rock beats from a full band, with masterful mixing by Grammy-nominated JR McNeely. Cease Fire! can be streamed on Apple Music or Spotify.

Andrew Stanton served alongside Josiah Prince as guitarist for Disciple from 2013 until his final show in December 2018. During his tenure with the band, he was a core part of writing three albums: Attack, Long Live the Rebels, and the 2019 release Love Letter Kill Shot.

Soundstripe is a music licensing service founded by another former Disciple guitarist, Micah Sannan, with his business partner and Co-CEO Travis Terrell. Soundstripe provides top quality, royalty free music for video creators. The company has quickly become recognized as one of Nashville’s fastest-rising start-ups.

Learn more about what guitarist and producer Andrew Stanton is up to musically by following him on social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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