Reclaimers Release Lyrically Powerful “Misnomer”

Reclaimers has a solid rock sound with guitars that are atmospheric, melodies that hook you in, and EDM and orchestral elements. This month, Reclaimers released a new single titled “Misnomer.”

This is a lyrically powerful song as well as being musically versatile. The clear vocals of Samuel Day paired with the varying musicality sends a message loud and clear. This song will hit home with anyone who has been labeled or doubted, felt attacked, belittled, or ostracized. As the chorus says:

"Their doubt is not the end of me
I am not the name they called me long before
I am not branded by my enemy
I'm not the shame they scrawled out on the floor
I am flying over entropy."

The lyrics keep growing into the second verse that resounds in your mind as you listen, bringing hope and light: “I am determined / Just don’t try it / Live life for certain ’cause I don’t die anymore / Living in eternity to let the purpose burn in me.

In the last fourth of the song, there is a pleasant surprise of some driving guitars and drums that only serve to further drive home the message. The song is almost pleading for the message to sink deep within the souls of the listeners, telling us that we don’t have to listen to the “misnomers” that have been laid upon us.

Check out Reclaimers’ Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for information on upcoming music and shows.

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