Righteous Vendetta Releases Single “Unshakable”

Righteous Vendetta released new single “Unshakeable” this month, a track that fits solidly in their metalcore vein. It is heavy-hitting and doesn’t slow from start to finish. The blend of the metal aspects with melodic vocals and driving guitars and drums make for an interesting musical experience that is enjoyable for fans of the genre.

“Unshakable” also does not shrink away from some hard-hitting lyrics to match the driving music. The chorus hits with lyrics such as “Unforgivable, you make my mind so cynical / You think you’re so invincible /…I am unshakable.”

The ending of the song is strictly instrumental, ending with gritty guitars, drums, and pure heaviness.

Fans of metalcore will enjoy this addition to Righteous Vendetta’s discography. Fans of bands such as Wolves at the Gate, Phineas, War of Ages, Fit for a King, Killswitch Engage, or As I Lay Dying would more than likely love this track as well.

Keep an eye on Righteous Vendetta’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for more info on new music and tour dates. To listen to their music, go to their Spotify or Apple Music page.

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