Modern Psalms: Prettiest of Things by Earth Groans

In their latest EP, Prettiest of Things, Earth Groans has crafted a work of art so brutally true it needs to be heavy.

“Gold” starts off the EP with some feedback and a classic hardcore riff. Then vocalist Jeremy Schaeffer joins in the mix. The lyrics are the heaviest part of the song, perfectly describing the inner workings of a mind searching for contentment in a superficial world:

I ran out of room
I couldn't find the space for ease
I bought what they sold
Consume, consume, I'm consumed”

“Springs” gets right to the screaming, helped along by harmonic-laced guitar riffs. The lyrics of this track double as both questioning and a calling for integrity. Later in the song, the music comes to the forefront as vocals fade to the background. The song breaks for a fraction of a second before the vocals once again take the stage: “Oh Father, instill in me to be a man of integrity.”

Musically heavy as any Earth Groans track, “Peaks” reads like a psalm. Beautifully descriptive lyrics spell out the magnificence of the universe and praise the creator:

How beautiful you must be 
To design a world as complex as me 
You tailored every strand 
From the galaxies to each fragment of sand”

Containing one of the catchiest riffs in the EP, “Falls” is one heavy love song. The guitar and drums work together to create waves of sound that inspires movement. The wording perfectly captures a journey of love, from the moment it begins to the safety it becomes:

My limbs were loose but in your rush I felt secure
Descending, I have been swept away
By your current”

“Silk” rounds out the experience with a story of life and death. Using the life cycle of a flower as a metaphor, the lyrics scream of the beauty of life, fragility, and mortality:

Sands through the seam of the time keeper
Have we learned to number our days
The hands of time will transform and shape”

Prettiest of Things is a collection of modern psalms wrapped within the sound of dissonant guitars and deep growls. Earth Groans has created a musically enjoyable EP, while also adding layers of thought-provoking lyrics, resulting in a masterpiece.

You can listen to Prettiest of Things on Spotify and Apple Music.

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