Paradise Now Release New Single “Criminal”

Tooth & Nail alternative rock band Paradise Now has released new song “Criminal” along with a music video, both recorded during lockdown. The track is the first from an upcoming Lockdown EP.

“We’re very proud of this project as we have written/produced/recorded it all from our separate homes, Ben producing the work with a massive help from the legend Dan Weeks,” Paradise Now shared on Facebook. “Mixed by the genius Sam Gibson and featuring the beautiful vocals of SÜ. Please please please like/share/listen. It means so much to us, especially this year without being able to play live. No matter what we’re going to keep making music however we can. fear of failure can suck it.”

You can listen to the track and watch the video below.

The song is a smooth blend of melody, shimmering electronic beds, and alt rock sensibilities, creating a sound that proves instantly infectious and memorable. Lyrically, the song seems to borrow from those lockdown feelings of being trapped, singing from a place of being caged in by the shaming judgment of others. The song pushes towards freedom, assuring listeners that our failures are not the final word:

Look what you done to me, taken the fight outta me
Standing still is crippling, I just wanna live again
Look what you done to, I can’t hide from everything
Cause failures just a fall, I’m not a criminal

Stay tuned for more information on the six track Lockdown EP. In the meantime, find “Criminal” on Spotify and Apple Music (where you can also preorder the full EP), and follow Paradise Now on Facebook and Instagram.

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