Rusty Shipp Announces IndieGogo Campaign

Rusty Shipp has announced a new IndieGoGo campaign to fund their upcoming nautical inspired rock album. This new album will have at least ten new original songs, all of which will be “following a journey to the recesses of the ocean to find what is lurking there beyond man’s discovery. Sea monsters? Atlantis? Drowned souls jailed in Davy Jones’ Locker? What else could be down there at the bottom of our planet? It’s the Earth’s biggest mystery: The Dark Side of the Ocean.”

There are many different levels to this campaign, which is hosted on indiegogo. The band says, “Anyone who contributes to the campaign will get an instant download of the demo recording of one of the songs from the album. Any contribution level will also give you private access to live streams and behind-the-scenes videos when we get into the studio (via a private Facebook Group).” 

There are many other perk options such as t-shirt bundles, autographed cd packs, handwritten lyrics, and a private concert, among other things. All perks and merch items must be purchased through the IndieGoGo campaign and will not be available after the campaign has ended. If you participate in the campaign, backers will receive the album and music significantly before the rest of the public.

Follow Rusty Shipp on Facebook for more info on upcoming music.

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