Skillet Releases New Single, “Surviving the Game”

Skillet set fans into a frenzy when they started dropping hints that new music was on the horizon. They have now released the first single, “Surviving the Game,” off their upcoming album (releasing in January of 2022) titled Dominion.

You can view the music video below, an interesting concept video that gives more insight to the song’s themes. You can also save the single to your playlist on Spotify and Apple Music.

This track is one of the most dynamic pieces in Skillet’s repertoire. What hits you first is the spoken word part of John’s: “to be more than a conqueror, you have to learn to enjoy the pain if you want to survive the game.” Then it goes into a flurry of hard-hitting guitar riffs and drums.

This song encompasses the struggle of the past 2 years in one driving, dynamic, heavy, but hope-filled song. It has a driving musicality with rapid pace lyrics to match the driving music. The second verse’s lyrics really speak to the struggle that many have faced in various forms throughout recent world events.

Fightin’ for my focus
Give the pain a purpose
Light the fire inside

Feel it come alive
Show ’em what I’m made of
Victory’s for the brave ones
Who never bowed a knee
When it’s do or die

I also love the dynamic of John’s vocals with Jen’s. It creates an intriguing and powerful blend. The production of this track is phenomenal, with a blend of rock, electronic mixes, heavy drums and guitar riffs. Every aspect of this song is catchy, and with just a few listens, the words cement into your brain. That is a mark of a stellar track: if it ingrains itself in you quickly, and the music has you head-banging along. This is true of the third verse, pre-chorus, and chorus.

All the liars around me
Like the wolves of the walls that surround me
In the face of the fear, I keep standin’ tall
‘Cause I will conquer this
Knock me down like a lion
I was born to be demon defiant
And I won’t ever let this kingdom fall
I’ll show ’em

Show ’em what you’re made of
Victory’s for the brave ones
Never bow the knee
‘Cause it’s do or die
One more time

Survivin’ the game
I can be unstoppable
Gonna walk through Hell
Gonna shake the walls
Survive, survivin’ the game
Livin’ the impossible
I’m the champion, indestructible
Survive, ’cause I’m survivin’ the game

Get “Surviving the Game” on Spotify and Apple Music. Follow Skillet on Instagram and Facebook to see more music and touring news.

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