All Above Me welcomes new vocalist: meet Karalee Fehr

All Above Me 2021

Canadian Christian rock band All Above Me is welcoming a brand new era with a brand new vocalist.

Earlier this year, All Above Me announced a transition when founding lead vocalist Britt Harris stepped down in light of changing personal seasons. The band has spent 2021 investing in the vision of their next season. That next season will be led by the voice of new lead singer Karalee Fehr, who has joined guitarist Guiller Contreras and drummer Tim Wikkerink. 

“I was leading worship at my home church for a conference Guiller was attending,” Karalee recalls. “He approached me and started asking me questions about where I was at in life, and then asked if I was interested in a professional music career. I was like, ‘well yeah— that’s the goal!’”

The first single in All Above Me’s new era is due out on October 8, and will be titled “Wrecking Ball.” You can watch the brand new music video for “Wrecking Ball” now. The song serves as a powerful re-introduction for the acclaimed Calgary rockers. As fans have come to expect from All Above Me, the raw rock and roll lifts up an urgent message of surrendering our pain: “I’ll take the pain and trust that You’re going to restore me / wash these dirty hands / I’ll take the blame for building my house on the sand / fix this broken heart.”

“I just want people to know they aren’t alone,” Karalee explains. “Music is powerful, and many people experience the presence of God through music. The presence of God is powerful, and can remind us that in the dark times He’s right there beside us, even when we don’t see it.”

For Karalee, that has been firsthand experience. She had a powerful encounter with God through a conference in 2019, hearing an irresistible call to put other pursuits on pause in order to pursue full time music. “I didn’t know at the time what it would look like, but I knew I had to follow His calling,” she remembers. All Above Me has been the answer to that call.

The vocalist has also put in the work to refine her voice into a powerful instrument of redemption. She’s been singing her whole life, through school as a child and worship leading as an adult. She is a graduate of Bethel Music College, where she learned from Bethel Music’s Joanna Finchum.

For the band as a whole, Karalee’s presence is a continuation of the heart for hope that the All Above Me family has had since the beginning. “All Above Me has grown into a big family. With Tim’s twins and my husband and three kids, we’ve doubled!” she shares. “The new season is learning how to be a big family as the momentum continues to build and we get on the road!”

You can learn more about All Above Me at, or by following them on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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