Alter Bridge Releases Title Track From Upcoming Album ‘Pawns and Kings’

Alternative hard rock band Alter Bridge has been making music together for 18 years. They are set to release their seventh studio album in October. Pawns and Kings is available for pre-order everywhere music is sold.

Alter Bridge dropped the six-minute title track on July 18. “Pawns and Kings” opens softly before breaking into a headbanger. Most notable on the first two-plus minutes is the smooth vocals of Myles Kennedy and driving rhythms provided by drummer Scott Phillips and bassist Brian Marshall. Listen closely for riffs from generational guitarist Mark Tremonti until halfway through the song, when Tremonti is featured.

Lyrically, the song is strong as well. It’s a song of encouragement and standing up, fighting back for what you believe in.

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Find “Pawns and Kings” on Spotify and Apple Music.

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