A Vulnerable Prayer: Matt Sassano’s “Dear God”

Matt Sassano Dear God cover

Rock artist Matt Sassano just put out his single “Dear God” ahead of his August 26th EP release, which will be his first since signing to Rockfest Records.

Matt shares that this is the most vulnerable song he has ever written, with lyrics that have been his personal prayers throughout many years of his life. “Dear God / I’ve lost the will to fight / Please give me a sign / I’m empty inside” is a genuine cry to God amidst depression, and the entire song serves as a reminder that we can bring any emotion and any question to God.

In a Facebook post, Matt encouraged listeners, ”If you or someone you know is going through a dark time and looking for answers hopefully this song helps you feel less alone.”

The single also has a music video coming soon— watch for it! Keep up with all things Matt Sassano here: https://found.ee/MattSassano

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